Post Officers

Commander: Phoebe Thurman

Sr. Vice Commander: Richard Linardi

Jr. Vice Commander: John Possidenti

Quartermaster: Jon Hollands

Chaplain: Harry Remley

Adjutant: Natalie Buffington

Surgeon: George Brown

Judge Advocate: Joe Deems

Trustees: L. Easter

                G. Brown

                 H. Remley

Officer of the Day: Pete Celli

Service Officer: Jon Hollands

Auxiliary Officers

President : Michele Mazon

Sr. Vice President: Shawn Taylor

Jr. Vice President: Cathy Rudasill

Secretary: Brieanna Ford

Treasurer:  Stacey Martin

Chaplin: Carole Robinson

Youth Coordinator: Alison Atkinson

Guard: Wayne Chalk

Patriotic Instructor: Jon Grant

Trustees: K. Lynch

                T. Mazon

                B. Taylor